Dorset Arts Week - George Young

Once again we are celebrating a return to something like normality with Dorset Arts Week. This week we ant to dedicate our monthly Artist feature to George Young who is exhibiting at the Art Stable in Child Okeford. Being born in Shillingstone just across the river from Designed in Dorset HQ he is a very local boy indeed. 

My work starts with a real event or situation and often through several versions of paintings, it moves from being more directly representational to a much more constructed composition. It is a process of stripping out the inessential and expanding on the more painterly and symbolic elements.

George Young

These paintings are largely painted during lockdown, so there’s a lot of latent energy and emotion. I was drawn to painting things shrouded in dust sheets as a symbol of life in stasis but as it is beginning to feel like we’re coming out into a spring time so there is quite a lot of colour and optimism showing through the drab.

My work is diaristic because I’ve found that the paintings come out better that way, if I have direct knowledge of the subject and emotional interest. The trouble has been what do you paint when you’re not able to go out much. The work has been focussed inward for a year but there’s plenty to look at and analyse. The best thing about it has been the ability to examine these spaces as psychologically loaded.

George Young grew up in Durweston and since his MA at the Royal College of Art, Young has shown in London, New York, Los Angeles, Brussels and Stockholm as well as six previous solo exhibitions at the Art Stable.

If you want to see some of George's work then please visit the Art Stable this week.