Partnerships with Designed in Dorset

We are on the hunt for business partners who want to work with us at Designed in Dorset. The business is growing at a fast pace, with new vendors signing on each week and more and more customers choosing to shop locally. The orders we have received this week have ranged from single dog leads through to 10+ products from 6 or more vendors. For every order we receive, we know that we have made another small buisness owner happy, not to mention the delighted customers as well. We now want to increase the pace of growth and engage with business partners to help us achieve this.

What can Designed in Dorset offer you?

We have over 60 Dorset based businesses spread throughout the county who are selling their products on the platform. Our website traffic is building all the time and we command position 1 rankings for a lot of Dorset based products. Our audiences include day to day customers from all over the world through to business owners and marketeers based here in Dorset. We are getting more and more enquiries from our business owners as to who they should use for their insurance, which delivery company they should use and where do they go for training. Do you have a business that wants to get in front of these types of people? We should talk. We want to create partnerships that will be mutually beneficial and help us to grow our audience faster and further afield. 

Please get in touch with Jim or Rupert if you want to find out more. By partnering with Designed in Dorset we can really make an impact on the local economy and help small businesses across the county to thrive.