Designed in Dorset Listed on Visit Dorset Website

Thanks to a very generous offer from Dorset County Council, Designed in Dorset and our sister website Local Shops 2 U have been listed on the Visit-Dorset website. As part of Dorset County Councils measures to help small businesses through the lockdown, they have offered a free listing for three months on the Visit Dorset website. 

Visit Dorset listing for Designed in Dorset

What is so important about this listing you ask? Well, it gives us a bit more standing in the eyes of visitors because this is the main Tourist website for Dorset and is highly regarded nationally. It not only boosts our profile with customers but lends a hand to our SEO efforts which means our vendor's products get seen more often. Which is what we are all about after all. This is a platform to promote Dorset made products. Thank you to all at the COuncil and Visit Dorset who have made this possible.