Designed in Dorset New Website Launch

They say, never launch a website on a Friday! Well, we have gone and broken the rules because we were very keen to show off our shiny new website to the world and boy has it had a good reception.

"Why not on a Friday?" 

Because your agency won't be there to fix anything until the following Monday.

It works for us because we are both the agency, the website, the IT department and more and weekends don't count when you enjoy what you are doing with a passion. Designed in Dorset is such an exciting project that we couldn't resist pressing the big red button yesterday.

We are delighted to announce this moment in time as a game-changer. The first version of our website was built on Wordpress and had a few teething issues, to say the least, luckily we also have another website on Shopify that was working just fine. Using our experience of running Local Shops 2 U  we knew what we had to do.

The new website is full of state of the art functionality that you would expect from Shopify. Owning a large shopping platform you must ensure the checkout process is smooth and easy to use, Shopify deliver in spades here. Registering new vendors had become troublesome with Word Press but here it is glitch-free (thus far). This is no ordinary website, a marketplace is more complicated than your average eCommerce store because it has so many moving parts and stakeholders. Which is why we have added a section dedicated to our vendors. The Meet the Vendors page is filled with stories about our wonderful Dorset Makers. Have a read and find out what makes them tick and why they started doing what they love. 

Dorset Arts Gallery

We are developing our own art gallery, with monthly featured artists and a gallery where you can buy their work. The Art Stable in Child Okeford is providing us with the artists and it is great to be able to share their work with you. As lockdown eases we look forward to some fascinating interviews which we publish on our YouTube channel. 

We are still looking for more partners and in particular, a Dorset Bookshop may be on the cards. If you sell books please do get in touch. Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you need any help on the website please get in touch.