Dorset Milk Stations - Where to find them?

Where to Find Dorset's Milk Stations?

As big fans of anything local, we want to help our customers find the freshest food and drink in the county. One of the more obvious candidates is, of course, the local milk station, that seems to have sprung up over the last few years thanks to a neat bit of dispensing technology. So, here is our list of the ones we know about in the County of Dorset, where you can get the freshest milk and dairy products directly from the farmer. These dispensing machines allow customers to buy and consume milk the same day as the cow has been milked and from within a few miles of where they buy it. The cow you passed in your car may well be the provider of your next milk fix, which takes shopping local to a whole new level.

1. Meggy Moos, Park Farm, Shroton, Blandford, Dorset. DT11 8TP

Meggy Moos Milk Station

Luckily for us, Designed In Dorset HQ is only a mile from the nearest fresh milk station at Meggy Moos, in Shroton under the shadow of Hambledon Hill. To be honest we weren't aware of how lucky we were until the lockdown came into force and made us look at where we shop and what we had near enough us to cycle to. Meggy Moos, was always on the radar but in the last few weeks has become much more than just about milk, there is a really good selection of products for purchase.

2. Madjeston Milk Station, Newhouse Farm, Cole Street Lane, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 5JQ

Madjeston Milk StationAt the northern tip of the county, just south of Gillingham sits the Madjeston Milk Station. The milk, fresh from their herd of pedigree Ayrshire cows can be collected from the dispensing station along with other dairy products like cheese, eggs, flavoured milkshakes and butter. 




3. The Dorset Dairy Company, Station Road, Stalbridge, DT10 2RG

The Dorset Dairy Company

Not only do they have a milking station at their own farm in Stalbridge, but the Dorset Dairy Company also supply nearby machines in Sturminster Newton at Harts of Stur and nearby Marnhull at The Crown Inn. 

4. Pamphill Dairy Farm Shop, Butchers & Parlour Cafe, Pamphill, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 4ED

Pamphill Dairy Station

On the outskirts of Wimbourne towards Kingston Lacey, is the Pamphill Farm shop fresh milk dispensing machine. With a farm shop, cafe for a spot of tea and the nearby bluebell woods you could easily fill up a morning here. Combined with a visit to Kingston lacey and the Bradbury Rings and the entire day could easily be lost in the splendour of Dorset history. 

5. Dorset Blue Vinny, Woodbridge Farm, Stock Gaylard, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 2BD

Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese

A few miles South of Sherborne and more famous for their distinctive Cheese of the same name, Blue Vinny has a milk station at their farm. As well as a pop-up shop selling all kinds of fresh goods and of course the good old Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese. 

6. Hollis Mead Organic Dairy Milk Stations

Hollis Mead Organic Farm

Hollis Mead's herd of British Fresian Crosses supply fresh milk to farms in both Dorset and Somerset. The herd is milked only once a day ensuring that the cows are relaxed and unstressed. This really is the pinnacle of environmentally friendly milk supply that benefits both nature and the farmers. Their milk stations are listed below: 

Maiden Newton Service Station​
​17 Dorchester Rd
Maiden Newton
​DT2 0BA

Bailey and Sons
1 Broadwindsor Road

Fry’s Commercials
Unit 1,
​The Old Feed Mill

Grenville Farm,

Eweleaze Dairy Organic

7. Eweleaze Dairy Organic - Martinstown

Recently opened Eweleaze Dairy Organic has only been open for a couple of months (at time of writing). They are a family-run farm, Chloe and her Father in Law Noel run the Milk Machine. They also provide open-air dairy cheddar cheese, Dorset Blue Vinney, Coastal Cheddar and Free Range Eggs alongside the organic milk of course. Below are some lovely images they have sent us. 

Buying milk in this fashion supports everything that we believe in here at Designed in Dorset. Your money goes directly to the farmer instead of via a buyer at a supermarket who take their cut and screw the farmer down on price. The farmer, in turn, looks after the countryside and employs local people with local jobs. Because you are using reusable glass bottles for your milk, you are reducing the amount of plastic pollution, so it is an all-round win-win. We most probably haven't got all of the Dorset milk stations on here if you want yours added, please get in touch.