Last call for Discretionary Grants from Dorset County Council

Dorset County Council is announcing the last call for applications to the discretionary Grant Scheme. As part of our efforts to promote small business in Dorset, we want to help get the word out there about these grants that may be the difference between the survival of your business and not. As a business without an office, we don't qualify but that is not to say yours will be turned down. 

This grant scheme is for businesses that may have fallen through the gaps for the original grant funding. The deadline is 14th June 2020 (this Sunday). To find out if your business fulfils the criteria go to the Dorset County Council website now. Applications after the deadline will not be accepted so hurry. They have had more than 1700 applications for quite a small pot of money but anything is better than nothing. It may mean being able to pay your mortgage for another month. 

How can we help

We wish you luck and if there is anything we can do to help support your Dorset based business over this difficult time then get in to9uch. We are happy to promote any local business or offer them an eCommerce solution to fit their needs. So far we have put two pubs and a couple of shops online in a matter of days and are talking to more businesses about how we can use our experience to help. Don't be afraid to ask for help. 

Dorset Business Help

There are lots of places you can also go for help in Dorset. Some of the ones we got to for help include:

Dorset Growth Hub

Dorset Gateway

Dorset Chamber of Commerce