Looking after our vendors and NHS charities

At a time like this, companies need to be flexible and really look after their clients. We see our vendors as clients in just the same way as our visitors who come shopping on Designed in Dorset.  Unlike other larger marketplaces, we can be very flexible when it comes to terms, commissions etc, which is why we have removed all commission payments for Hayley and her products. Why, becasuie Hayley is giving 10% of each sale to NHS charities and we didn’t want her to end up with no profit at all. 

Hayley (from Thomas and Mae) is a traditional upholsterer, more used to putting an armchair back together than sewing facemasks. Alongside the rest of us, at the end of March the usual revenue streams had gone a little south so she had to find a way to support her and her family in the meantime. With the need to wear a facemask to help fight Covid-19, she looked into materials and how to make them, leading her to her current offering available on our website. 


Giving 10% of each product sodl to NHS charities and including postage and packaging in the price means there is little margin left for Hayley. Which is why we have waived all commissions and only charge Hayley for the card charges we incur. This way, Hayley gets to make some money and the NHS charities still get their bit. If you want to sell your products online and give back to a charity at this time we could do a similar arrangement for you. You can find Hayley's Facemasks here…