Monthly Feature – Dorset Artists

At Designed in Dorset, we believe this county has something special to offer to everyone and we are not just talking about the beautiful scenery. The area is rich with locally and nationally renowned artists who manage to capture this beauty in their own particular style, using their surroundings as inspiration for some of their finest work. Which is why we have asked one of our most celebrated Gallery owners to help us curate our very own Designed in Dorset Artist Collection. If you have ever visited The Art Stable in Child Okeford, you will know who I mean. 

Kelly Ross established the Art Stable in 2006 very near to her home in Child Okeford, nestled below Hambledon Hill and surrounded by the Gold Hill Organic Farm shop and Cafe. With over 30 years experience working in Fine art including running galleries like the John Jones Gallery and the  Coram Gallery in Bloomsbury and the Summerleaze Gallery in Wiltshire when she moved to the country, Kelly knows her stuff. Kelly has agreed to help guide us through the artists of Dorset, each month Kelly will share with us a featured Artist and describe some of their work and inspirations, so that we can better understand some of the creative minds that share our county. 

For years we have enjoyed a stroll up the road (we live in Child Okeford too) to have a chat with Kelly and study the latest exhibition on offer. It has always been a uniquely Dorset experience, offering the chance to take in some art, enjoy he delicious food and coffee on offer in the cafe and take home some of the finest organic farm veg you are likley to find this side of River Cottage. We are really excited about this and look forward to the first artist who we beleive is going to be Ursula Leach