New Marketplaces Launched to Support Isolation

In the last two weeks the world has changed immesurably as to what it was before. The emrgence of Covid-19 has left us all grasping  with the changes to the very fabric of our society. Self Isolation went to complete isolation for many and then government instructions for the whole country to go into lockdown quickly followed. THis left us with two stark choices, to carry on as before or try and do soemthing good for the communtiy in which we live. We chose the later, to get on with things and see how our knowledge of building an online marketplace could help our local community.

Asd a result we have in the space of two very hectic weeks built two brand new websites designed to help in two very different ways. 

Local Shops to u

Local Shops to You

The fist idea we had was to think about local shops and how they would deal with the crisis. Would the supermarkets swoop in and take all of their custom just because they had better supply lines? So we immediatly started building a local shopping platform that would enable people to continue to suppor their local shops, whilst still getting the essentials that would help them to survive. Local Shops To You or was born and starts to host local shops near to our homes and offices. They can upload their products in the same way as you do to Designed in Dorset and sell their own products to old and new customers without anyone having to set foot in a shop. The options include to click and collect or to have it delivered for £2. So far we have ten shops on board and the list is growing. Could this actually be the future of shopping loca. Allowing people to shop from a single high street in one place.



Further to the success and awareness raised by the local shops to your effort we were asked by the local community volunteers to create an ordering system for those in need of help who couldn’t rely on a local network of friends and family. The launch of Tisbox took place a week later and involved us creating a simple Shopify site to service the 4,000 residents who couldn’t leave their homes. The beauty of this is that customers can call a help line and put the order through on the phone, so all orders stay in one place. 

If you know of a community in ned of help who have a similar problem then the team from Designed In can jump in to help.