#Supportyourlocal Dorset Pubs

We are blessed to live in the rolling countryside here in North Dorset, but just like anywhere else in the world there is an unravelling crisis in the economy and one that is dear to our hearts is the long term survival of the “local”. A huge part of any rural economy for as long as beer has been around is the local pub and we have some lovely ones around here. Not only do they supply a community venue, fabulous food and refreshing drinks but they are centres of employment and contributors to the local supply chain. Most likely to be the last businesses to be able to get back to any kind of normal, they are suffering right now and need our help. By ordering takeaway from your local you not only help them generate much-needed cash, but it should help you feel a brief return to normal times and let you step away from the cooker for a few hours at least. Which is why we have created a list of our nearest and dearest pubs that are offering collection services to the surrounding area. If we can keep a few people in work that’s less money the government need to cover which will end up on our tax bills anyway. 

The Compasses Inn, Chicksgrove.

The COmpasses Inn Chicksgrove

Not in Dorset, but just over the border in Wiltshire, when open, this old-world Inn takes you back in time to enjoy the finer pleasures in life. Blessed with a quiet location, idyllic gardens and low beamed ceilings and attentive staff, it is a gem of a pub. 

The Compasses are re-opening their kitchens on Wednesday next week until Saturday. You can order online or over the phone, as long as your order is completed before 3 pm you can collect that evening. Pick up times are between 5 and 7 pm. You can also buy a voucher for use as a gift or for future use. 

We are especially pleased with this as the team at Designed in Dorset built the ecommerce back end of the website over the last couple of days to enable online ordering of the menu. We can't wait to sample some of the delicious food to come from Paddy the chef's kitchen, who will no doubt be bossing the Landlord around in his apron in the kitchen as his sidekick. 

The Fontmell Inn, Fontmell Magna

A few miles south of Shaftesbury on the A350 sits the Fontmell Inn, astride the tiny river Fontmell. Serving fine Ales, wines and scrumptious food, the Fontmell garden has always been one of our favourite hangouts, especially when the pizza ovens are firing.  


For now, we will have to make do with the yummy food selection on their updated website. Head to www.thefontmell.com   to see what is on offer. You can order throughout the week ready for the weekend. Orders must be completed before 4 pm every Thursday so you can collect from the pub every Friday or Saturday. You can also purchase vouchers to be used as gifts or at a later date. You could also head over to our sister website Local Shops 2 U and order spirits and wine from the Fontmell via our online shop there. 

The Saxon Inn, Child Okeford

A hundred yards from Designed in Dorset HQ is the lovely Saxon Inn, recently under new ownership, the pub have continued to serve the village admirably whilst keeping everyone safe. Each week they open a new barrel of beer, so you can take your own container and get it filled, our personal preference is a two and half-pint jug, because you have to sip it all the way home to stop a spillage. 

Saxon Arms

You can choose from a large menu of pub grub, ranging from fish and chips to pies and pizzas and much more. On Wednesday they actually sold out of Pies, which was amazing if you consider the circumstances. They are very grateful for the support and we look forward to more meals as we progress. 

This list is only a tiny snapshot of what is happening to our locals and there are literally thousands of pubs like this across the county and country that need our support. If you would like your pub to be listed, get in touch and we will add to the list.