The Black Cow Has Arrived

Designed in Dorset are pleased to announce that we have been joined by what can only reasonably be described as Dorset Royalty. Black Cow Vodka is one of the best known Dorset brands in our eyes, no offence meant to our other fantastic Dorset  vendors of course. A true family enterprise based in West Dorset, they have been making cheese for over 300 years, the business has now developed into a brand that delivers the traditional cheese alongside some of the tastiest and smoothest vodka around.  

How we make Black Cow, Pure Milk Vodka. Animated film by Cat Bruce from BlackCowVodka on Vimeo.

  The family have been in the cheese-making industry for a long time and when someone finally looked in their bin and realised quite how much goes to waste they struck upon the natural progression to making vodka. Their inspirations include Genghis Khan, who was the first person to pose the question, can you make alcohol out of milk?

We now have a range of Black Cow products to keep you happy until the cows come home. You can buy some for your own consumption, or send them to a loved one as a gift. Don't forget that by shopping at Designed in Dorset you are helping to support a local business and keep generations of families in work. Which with Black Cow Vodka is quite literally the case. We look forward to working with Black Cow and sampling some of their delicious cheese and drinks selection.