Why you should be supporting local business – especially now

We’ve all been hit hard by this terrible virus both in our personal lives and at work. The government has tried to do its bit to help but there are a lot of holes down which you can fall. One of these holes is the independant business owner who we are such a fan of. These are the people who have taken a chance on a new life and started their own company. A lot of our DesignedinDorset vendors fit into this bracket, they are the self employed business owner. The self-employed have of course been looked after in part by the government, but the hole appears when you find business owners who take a minimum wage and use dividends to pay themselves. If they have the right accounts from previous years and are lucky they may get £800 per monthwhich is barely enough to survive on. They are also expected to be on fulrough which means no working? If you are one of these businesses and want to find out more information on what is available then we highly recomend Rutter and Allhusen in Shaftesbury who are producing some very useful blogs on the subject and can of course help you out. 

Business make up in the UK

Image above credited to the .gov website.

How can you help small business owners?

There has been a massive rush to the supermarket from day one of this lockdown and we have seen panic buying and empty shelves as a result. Never forget these supermarkets, while supplying us with the essentials are corporate giants that answer only to their shareholders. The employees may have a job but it is more often than not on a zero-hours contract and won’t be the best-paid work around. They also use suppliers from across the UK is good but have you ever heard of really sound buying practices that look after the supplier first. Have a chat with your local farmer and see what they think in terms of the price of daily essentials like milk and wheat and get their feedback. 

Why not check out your local store instead, consider buying from a shop around the corner or better yet, the farm shop or even the greengrocer if you are lucky enough to have one. Yes, the farmer's markets have closed down but you can still contact them for local delivery. A lot of dairies are doing wholesale deliveries to local villages and towns. Why not gather a group of people together (not literally) and do a bulk order of dairy products. It will keep you out of the supermarket and enable your money go directly to the supplier. 

Buy your milk Locally

Designed in Dorset offers you the chance to either sell your goods for less commission or buy from a local business. If you spend your money with someone who makes things locally you do so much good on many levels. Firstly the environmental aspect and transport miles are reduced, you also inject money directly into your local economy and increase quality employment in the local area.  Our vendors are still selling and can get products out to you by the Royal Mail that continues to operate. So go on, get your easter gifts from someone local.