Dorset Photographers - Emma Spicer

This week, we are featuring another Dorset based photographer who has joined our marketplace on Designed in Dorset. You may have seen Emma's amazing photographs on our social media channels or in a gallery near you. We asked Emma a few questions about her work, how she got started and her influences. 

What got you into photography? I am passionate about photography and have been since school I just fell in love with art through a lens and as such followed photography for my GCSE’s &A levels. So I always had that behind me. I carried this on to further my career at the London College of Fashion, where I really found my style. This enhanced my love for photography enabling me to follow my dream and passion within the photography world.

So what was I doing before was studying at the London College of Fashion? I also took up wedding photography with a great photographer, where I learned new skills and different ways of doing photography, doing portraits & weddings make great experiences that I keep on learning on my journey so all got me into photography. 

I like working for myself as I can create time to be as artistic as I want when taking pictures and getting the right photo at the right time and place.

My photography is personal and from the heart. As you take new pictures you can see something different and they are always of a beautiful location which can bring joy and memories of that special place but shown in a different way than traditional art/photography. 

Where are you based? - I am based in Poole in Dorset

Where is your favourite place in Dorset? - My favourite place in Dorset is Sandbanks and Shell Bay because it has all of my favourite things to take pictures of. I love Dorset for its iconic beautiful beaches and sunsets. My favourite Dorset walk is shell bay to Studland.

What are your tips for starting a new business? - Best tips for starting my business, you should be motivated, inspired, and willing to go the extra mile to change. 

What does the future hold for you? - The future holds for me to get my photos in galleries and magazines and more importantly I want to make a difference.

Thank you, Emma, great to find out more about you and have to agree Studland and Shell Bay are very special places. We love your photos and look forward to seeing more in the future. 

If you want to see more of Emma's work then head over to her profile page on Designed in Dorset. You can also follow Emma on Twitter and Instagram