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Facemasks are looking like they might be the must have item for the foreseable future. According to advice from around the world and not just the UK, the best facemasks for civilians are cloth ones, we need to ensure the NHS have enough medical grade masks to keep them safe. In the meantime the search is on for something to wear when you head out on your weekly essential shop. As opposed to being merely functional items, we think they will become fashion items, especially with the prevelance of Mask-Selfies on social media. There are over 15,000 posts on Instagram with the tag #maskselfie. The news pages like The Telegraph and Vogue are filling up with articles about the latest facemask fashions and rather than it be a money making opportunity it allows small busioness to create something useful and give money to charity. Plus if you buy a mask from us 10% of the sale will go to NHS charities. 

One of our new vendors on Designed in Dorset Thomas and Mae Handmade triple layer face mask has added to her usual line of business (we believe this is known as the business "pivot") as an upholsterer to making dfashionable facemasks in some beautiful materials. What makes these stand out is the exceptional quality of the material, the triple layers and the 100% cotton with a bendable nose wire for better fit. If you are on the hunt for a facemask that will be comfortable and provide you with a feeling of safety (They are not medical masks) then look no further. 

Handmade FAcemasks Handmade Facemasks Handmade Facemasks

The Facemasks come in different materials so you can choose the patternt hat will best suit you, you may even want to match it to your eyes. We know this is a difficult time for everyone so we hope these makss will provide some assistance in making you look and feel better. You will also have helped a local Dorset based business to be able to carry on creating quality goods and earn another penny to keep them going. For more information about Thomas and Mae check out their listing here...

Handmade triple layer face mask

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Handmade triple layer face mask

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