It's Getting Hot in Here - Weymouth 51 Hot!

As we look ahead to a weekend of furious heat on the south coast, things have begun to hot up at Designed in Dorset HQ. We are not talking about the sun though, the newest Dorset based business to join our ranks is Weymouth 51. Known throughout the county as producers of the finest homegrown chillis and curators of tasty sauces, salts and oils. We are delighted to have them on board and to start promoting their products to our customers. For those of you with an appetite for something spicy but not happy with the chilli sauces available in your local supermarket then look no further. The owners got into growing chillies for this very reason. Fed up of skull and crossbones stickers on sauces that were inedible, they decided to grow their own. 

Using land begged and borrowed across the region and now moving into experimentation with hydroponics in their growing room, they aim to be at the forefront of the Dorset Food and Drink scene. Their sauces are carefully thought our and contain only locally sourced ingredients and no preservatives. Not only will foodies enjoy the heat but they will also be able to bask in the variety of natural flavours. 

Have a look at the huge variety of Chilli sauces on offer and imagine how happy you would make a friend or family member by sending them the gift of a Dorset Chilli Sauce on their birthday or for Christmas. Welcome on board Weymouth 51, we look forward to trying out your Dorset Chilli sauces soon. 


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