Vendor Story - Meet Catherine from Pips Natural Skin Care

In the latest of our meet the vendor blogs, we talked to Catherine from Pip Natural Skin Care about her business and love of Dorset. She is lucky to be based As always we want to know more about our vendors so we can share their stories across our channels. If you want to take part please get in touch. 

Why did you start Pip Natural Skin Care

I was inspired by brands including Neals Yard Remedies and Love Anousta. My sensitive skin loved these natural products and when the time was right, I wanted to create my own. But its really not about me, its about kindness to Nature, and encouraging more ethical choices. There is so much confusion out there with crazy promises made by massive companies that have no respect for the environment and little respect for our skin. 

What were you doing before

I worked in Neals Yard Remedies in Salisbury as a Bowen Therapist, and later at Long Crichel Bakery, learning about the wonders and difficulties of Organic production.

Then with Linda Anousta in Pamphill selling handmade natural skincare. I was so impressed with how well these products worked that when Linda closed her business for personal reasons, I decided to get trained and get making!

How do you like working for yourself

I am very lucky because I share the Soapmaking side of this business with a very close friend, Julie, and she has supported and encouraged me throughout this endeavour. I also at times work with Linda, who has now restarted her business, so I don't feel I am having to meet all the challenges by myself but it still feels like my creation. It's all about balance.

Tell us about your products and what makes them special

I am very proud of my Hard-working Handcream recipe. I get wonderful feedback from customers who often say that it smells gorgeous and the instant they apply it, their skin feels so much more comfortable.

It is the combination of Organic Shea Butter, Apricot and Calendula oils with lots of healing Vitamin E,  that makes the difference. It is also quite concentrated so a little goes a long way.

I try to use mainly cold-pressed, unrefined organic oils so that they retain as much of their special characteristics as possible. It does make a difference.

Where are you based in Dorset

Near Blandford in the countryside. I am Dorset born and bred!

What is your favourite place in Dorset

My garden, it is full of flowers, trees and lots of weeds!

Why do you love Dorset

Because it feels like home

What would be your best tips for starting your own business?

Do something you feel passionate about or it won't seem worth the hard work. 

What is your favourite walk-in Dorset

Round the village, up into the woods and ending in the Pub. Purfect.

What does the future hold?

Right now I would not like to guess, but....

I am working on a night cream with Vitamin C, also a cleanser with maybe rose water and cucumber.

I will keep experimenting.

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  • Sarah Key

    Hi pip, I currently run a rural cafe nr Dorchester and have an opportunity to open a shop within the same area and I’m looking to sell only dorset produce! Can you give me details on how I can buy your products wholesale please? Thanks sarah