Vendor Story - Meet Sohpie from Made at Milldown

Today, we caught up with one of the first vendors to sign onto the Designed in Dorset website. The lovely Sophie from Made at Milldown. If you’re wondering why it is called Made at Milldown then you don’t need to look much further than the picturesque village of Milldown a few hundred metres from the sea and next to Lulworth Castle. A part of Dorset well known by anyone who locave to walk by the sea or had to study Lulworth Cove as part of the Geography GCSE (like I did) One of the reasons we started this business was to be able to spend more time roaming the Dorset landscape, and today was just such a day. 

Sophie was working for the NHS in local prisons in mental health, which makes her a hero in our humble opinion. In her spare time she came across a Mumsnet post about making candles and thought she should give it a try. From that moment there was no looking back, Sophie was hooked. Starting with a table at village hall fairs, she managed to make enough to cover the cost of her table hire while she built up the experience and invented new products.  

Scented Candles

What started as a kitchen table hobby, has turned into something a little bit more serious and has resulted in a conversion of the garden shed to cope with production and the number of products. A little cold at the this time of year in the shed we spent some time filming an interview with Sophie. We wanted to know what made her tick, why she beleives people should select her products and which one is her favourite. 

The range of products has grown from what was a few scented candles to hand lotions, diffusers, diffuser refills and even designer matches to light your candles. The sky is the limit for Sophie, she has her eye on growing her product range even more. Meeting makers like Sophie shines a light on the rural economy down here in Dorset. Although a beautiful place to live in the summer when there are definatly a few more people around, it can be hard to survive without getting too lonely. Hence, the business is not yet full time. Sophie still does a few days a week with the NHS and is grateful for the company of others. What an amazing business to feature as the first of our vendor stories. If you want to be a part of our storytelling series then get in touch.

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  • Sarah key

    Hi Sophie, I currently run a rural cafe nr Dorchester and am now thinking of taking retail space within that and would like to sell only dorset produce, can you please tell me how I can purchase your product or possibly be interested in space on sale or return please?
    Regards sarah