Vendor Story - The Jolly Forester

It has been difficult during Lockdown to get out and meet up with our vendors, but luckily one in particular works outdoors all the time. Keeping a safe distance, of course, we headed out and filmed John, on location at two Dorset Heaths, Holton Lee and Lower Common Heath. We were after the story behind our favourite Dorset Woodsman and how he makes the products he sells here on Designed in Dorset. 

What makes John stand out is the fact he makes his living off the land. Not only does his work help improve the state of our precious Heathland but he is also involved in therapy in the outdoors for Dementia sufferers and Forces Veterans. So grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up for this 4 minute mini-story on John and how he makes his pimps. 

If you make something in Dorset and want to feature please get in touch.