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The Designed in Dorset Art Gallery

Welcome to the Designed in Dorset Art Gallery where we will share our favourite local artists and their work. We have the pleasure of joining forces with a local gallery owner, Kelly Ross who is going to tell us about her favourite artists. Each month we will feature a Dorset Artist and their work to help us grow our local knowledge and give them some publicity. If you are a Dorset based artist and want to feature, please get in touch.

January 2021

Christopher Riisager

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November 2020

Felice Hodges

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September 2020

Howard Phipps

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Dorset Artist of the Month

David Baird

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Artist of the month - May 2020

Gary Cook

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Artist of the Month - May

Ursula Leach

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Artists Required

We want to build an online gallery featuring our favourite Dorset artists. Not only to feature the artwork but to promote any courses you may run. Dorset is full of interesting people teaching skills from glassblowing to mastering watercolours, let us help promote you.