How to build you vendor profile?

From your vendor dashboard, you can build your profile, add products, choose shipping methods and much more. In this article, we will show you how to build your profile by adding logos, banners and descriptions.

Follow the steps in the video, or the text below the video. 


Step 1:

Fill in the form below.

  • Seller Name is your own name. (Jenny Smith)
  • Seller Shop Name is the name of the shop. (The Big Shop)
  • Email address is the one you want communication from us and customers to go to.
  • Store Address is the physical location of your store. This will be used to populate our vendor map so customers can see where you are located. 
  • Seller contact is the phone number that can be used by us and customers to get hold of you. 

Step 2:

Your store description is important for both SEO and letting customers know more about you. People buy from people so it is good to share your story here and a little bit more about your products. If you can put a paragraph or two about what you do and how you started, it will help buyers decide and help with SEO and the search function of the site. 

Seller policy is where you add your terms and conditions, returns policy etc.

How to add description to Designed in Dorset

Important *Save your profile now before you add images and logos*

Step 3:

Once you have saved your progress you can add the logo and banner. It is all very well to have the right text but getting the images correct is just as important. The first thing to remember is that a large image slows a website down. Please follow the guidelines for the size of the image. You also want to ensure that your banner image is horizontal and your logo and profile images are square to fit the space provided. An easy way to find square images is to go to your social profile and save as the image. This will normally be a square one for Twitter and Instagram.

Profile image - This should be an image of you personally but could also be your logo if you aren't;t happy with the camera. 

Logo Image - This should be your logo squared.

Banner Image - Remember this needs to be a landscape image that isn't so big it takes up the whole page. The banner can be of your products, your office or just a landscape.

Banner image Designed in Dorset

How to register as a vendor:

How to add shipping: